Agen sbobet confirmed Adam johnson Former Sunderland and City midfielder released last month

The former Sunderland and Manchester City midfielder Adam Johnson has said he “deeply regrets” his actions after he was freed from prison where he served 36 months for child sex offences.

Johnson, who played for England 12 times, said on Tuesday he wanted to move up with his life.

The 31-year-old was launched from prison on 22 March after serving half a six-year prison sentence for doing sexual activity with a 15-year-old fan. He admitted two charges concerning kissing the lady and meeting her with intent after grooming her.

He was convicted by way of a jury of a further offence of sexual activity with a young child when they met in his car in 2015, a conviction which he unsuccessfully attempted to overturn.

Johnson said in a record he “wish to take this chance to publicly express my remorse for my actions” that “led to my conviction and imprisonment&rdquo ;.

“I am very sorry for the effect my conduct had on those directly and indirectly involved. It shouldn’t have happened and I deeply regret what I did.

“I now want to concentrate on the long run and want to demonstrate through my actions that I am focused on repaying them for his or her support.”

Asked whether the long run for Johnson meant a go back to football, his father, Dave Johnson, said: “No comment.”

The disgraced former England international Adam Johnson has been released from prison after serving 36 months for child sex offences.

The former Sunderland and Manchester City winger was sentenced to six years for doing sexual activity with a 15-year-old fan in 2016.

Witnesses said Johnson’s father, Dave Johnson, was seen driving a Mercedes people carrier with blacked-out rear windows out of HMP Moorland, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire, in the first hours of Friday morning. agen sbobet

The vehicle was followed out from the prison complex by way of a police van. The same car was later spotted arriving at Johnson’s mansion in Castle Eden, County Durham.

Friday’s release comes exactly halfway through the player’s six-year sentence.

Johnson admitted kissing the lady but denied her claim that he touched her inside her pants and that she then performed oral sex on him.

A jury found him guilty of sexual activity with a young child in relation to “digital penetration” but cleared him of exactly the same offence concerning the oral sex.

He had already admitted another charge of sexual activity with a young child in relation to kissing and also of grooming the girl.

The judge said Johnson had lied repeatedly, referring to the controversy over whether he delayed his guilty pleas allow him to keep his £60,000-a-week career with Sunderland.

As a sex offender, Johnson will have to register his address and bank details with police and inform officers of any intention traveling abroad.

The children’s services department from the local council could also carry out risk assessments in relation to Johnson’s daughter Ayla, and could prevent Johnson from hanging out alone along with his daughter.

Speaking briefly at Johnson’s home, his father agreed it was good to own him back. Mr Johnson said his son could make a record later and asked reporters to leave.

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